Car Hacking Board

Features and Specs

  • 2.4" TFT display, DMA driven SPI for 30+ FPS
  • STM32F7 Series MCU
  • Micro SDCARD slot with SDIO interface for logging, and custom ROMs
  • Triple CAN bus
  • Dual LIN
  • K-Line and L-Line
  • USB host for CDC/HID/Storage class
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi and BLE
  • Audio or analogue output via 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Power from 12VDC or USB
  • PC software to interact with and visualize CAN data, log and replay
  • Compatible with various J2534 0404 software, such as TIS
  • J2534 202/404 (mostly) compatible DLL with source code
  • CAN MITM attacks, logging, replay, J2534 reflash, KWP2000, OBD II diagnostics etc